What is Dropforge?

Dropforge is the umbrella name for a series of web-based software tools for end users that adhere to three simple rules:

  1. No dependencies other than a web host running PHP 5.
  2. Make user data portable.
  3. Design to encourage theming and user control.

Why use Dropforge?

Dropforge provides an alternative for small-scale deployments where simplicity and having minimum installation and maintenance requirements is more important.

Rather than relying on cloud service providers who may remove features or shut up shop at short notice, Dropforge applications deployed on your server will remain working and stable indefinitely.

User data should be completely portable between instances - that is, copying a directory of user data to a copy of the software hosted somewhere else should just work without modification.

The status of Dropforge tools

All Dropforge tools are currently in beta status.

They have a basic feature set that works. Their codebases are in various stages of maturity but should be stable enough and sufficient for daily use.

The future of Dropforge

The vision for Dropforge is to unify all packages under a single manager and launcher. By allowing users to perform one-click install of additional tools after uploading a single PHP file to their web server, the goal is to make self-hosted web tools accessible to everyone.


munchcrunch (0.5)
A simple RSS reader in a Google Reader style.Learn more
View demo
Clamshell (0.7)
A standalone OpenID 1.1 provider for one or more users.Learn more
View demo
Xandarella (0.9)
A super-simple CMS for people who only need to manage a few pages with a minimum of fuss.Learn more
View demo
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