Xandarella is a dead-simple CMS allowing for the easy creation of business websites where ease of use and update is more important than traditional CMS features such as page types, publication dates and categorization.

Quick Start

To install Xandarella on your server:

  1. Download the ZIP.
  2. Unzip into a directory on your favourite webserver with PHP support.

To configure Xandarealla:

  1. Open http://{server}/{xandarella dir}?admin in your browser.
  2. Enter an admin username and password when prompted.


  • HTTP server such as Apache (recommended)
  • PHP 5.2+


  • Xandarella runs best on a server which supports URL rewriting, such as Apache with mod_rewrite enabled. Most Linux distros come pre-configured with this setup. An off-the-shelf solution for Windows is the Uniform Server.
Xandarella 0.9
Download ZIP

If you need help or more information, please email us, Twitter us or use the discussion thread below.

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